Eldritch Horror

We haven’t won yet!

That’s the first thing I say when I talk about Eldritch Horror the board game. What I will say though is that it is a great game.

So we played it at the weekend and selected our characters, we decided on 2 each and there were 2 of us playing, the game does get harder by adding characters so don’t go over board with it.

It looked like we were doing fine at first, we managed to find rumour tokens which help the overall game mission; and we were travelling around the World solving clues, defeating monsters and demons and yes getting into bank debt as well as medical conditions but nothing seemed too bad… Until that is, my character lost her sanity by facing a demon and left the game; I picked a new character (yes you can add someone new in to continue the game), but then Mike lost a character to a horrible death; he choose someone new but by then due to the fact neither of these characters were too well equipped; I didn’t mention that you need to buy or find items each turn we faced another monster only to fail miserably. Which led to the doom tracker advancing yet again and “The Ancient One” rising to destroy the World.

Yes we both lost characters and yes we lost but we had fun. Its a good challenge!


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