Ashford’s Independent Gaming and Hobby Shop

We are relatively new having taken over in October 2016 from Xpress Games.

You’ll find Diana in most days who took over after taking voluntary redundancy in 2016 and wanting to do something she loves; but no she doesn’t get to play board games all day long!

Mike is usually here at weekends but it was him that prompted us opening The Consulting Gamer, although he loves all types of table top games (honestly you find one he doesn’t like) he used to be the stores’ Xbox Rep so knows it well.

In January, Shef joined the team, he is also in most days and has a passion for Trading Card Games and console games, having a great knowledge of pretty much all the latest Card Games. He’s also worked here previously under Xpress’ ownership so you probably recognise him

You can come and talk to us about any game, between all of us we hope to be able to answer your questions and help guide you to your new gaming hobby, whether it be a mysterious board game, fun, fast trading card game or what’s the best paint for your new Warhammer unit!

Or why not check out the events page and join us at Friday Night Magic, Final Fantasy TCG night, Miniatures events, board game evening or the Pokemon league

General Information

You will find us in the walkway behind McDonalds

Otherwise if you find Boots and walk down North Street keeping Boots on your left you will see the walkway “Chapel Mews”.

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