The Consulting Gamer


Welcome to The Consulting Gamer’s online shop.

Our website is still in development and we thank you for your patience, but do look around, see what takes your fancy because we have plenty of table top games and accessories to kit you out.

If you do decide to visit we are based in Ashford, Kent where we host all sorts of events for fellow gamers, we have plenty of seating, a growing library of board games to play and an enthusiasm of table top and card games that’s hard to match.


What you’ll find here:


Console Games

A wide range of console games from the newest to the retro including Sega and Nintendo.

Miniature Battle Games

From Star Wars X-Wing to Games Workshop, you’ll find it all here.  We run organised play for X-Wing too so we will get those quarterly prizes to give away

Trading Cards

Magic The Gathering, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh may be our longest standing games but we now have a range of Star Wars Destiny, Dragon ball Super and Final Fantasy Trading card games in stock  You can buy booster packs or single item cards, protective sleeves, deck boxes and folders.

Board Games

For all you table top game lovers out there, we’ve got something for you.  From the ‘must haves’ like Carcassonne to the unusual such as Kingdom Death: Monster

Role Playing

We stock Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons products.  Everything you need for your latest quest and adventure, including dice bags and trays


Come and join us and others in our Gaming events – Dungeons and Dragons night, board game night, Magic The Gathering.  Held in the shop, we’re a friendly bunch and look forward to meeting you.